Thursday, September 29, 2011

TMT Again!

Woot! Laura has more fun questions this week!

so here goes

1. What movie do you love but are too embarrassed to admit you love it?

I don't think I've got one... (boring I know, but it's true!)

2. Ann wants to know: How far do you drive/travel to attend trials, clinics, lessons? How far is
too far?

I drive 30-65 miles (one way) each week to go to SAR training. I'd have no issues traveling several hours for good training. But I'm currently operating on a college student budget/time schedule with really puts a crimp in any sort of training.

3. What is your theme song (circa Ally McBeal)?

Recently it's been "Stand" by Rascal Flatts

4. Laura S wants to know: If you had to choose a new dog activity, one that you had never done before, what would you choose?

Sheepdog trials or USAR.

5. What would your dog choose (or scribe, if you're Pippin)?

Kipp would love to be a full time stockdog. He'd probably also like footstep tracking - lots of food involved!

Kenzi would probably choose agility - she's got serious footwork skills -


  1. Kenzi is one awesome dog!!! Love the video! Let me know how the skijoring goes!! We don't get much snow here, so guess I'd have to settle for scootering - yeah right - gravel roads - I don't think so!! lol


  2. What's USAR? I've been thinking about skijoring, though I'm not a strong skier and I have visions of Wick and Rex running me into a tree. Still, I might give it a shot this winter.

  3. USAR is Urban Search and Rescue. Searching disaster rubble, building collapse, etc. It's a whole different ball game than wilderness work.

    As far as Skijoring goes, well, I haven't skied in forever and do not currently own any skis. It could get very interesting. But it sounds like so much fun....