Saturday, September 24, 2011

A building search

Kipp was bored this afternoon. And it was raining outside. It's hard to convince a volunteer "victim" that hiding out in the woods in the rain is a great way to spend their time on a Saturday - just not their idea of a good time for some strange and odd reason.

So I asked my little sister to hide in the addition instead.

The addition is about 24x32, with a second floor. It is enclosed, but still under construction. There are some piles of insulation rolls that create a decent hiding spots on both floors as well as a stairway to hide under.

Working indoors is a whole different ballgame for the dog. The air currents work differently and there are lots of places for the scent to pool. A search dog works through using it's nose primarily, not it's eyes. So they may alert in an odd spot if the human scent is pooling there. Today the victim was under the stairs that wrap around the chimney. It's still open with just stud walls so the scent is pretty free to travel around. Kipp went up and down the stairs a few times he kept checking out the top of the stairs and where the chimney came through the second floor. He finally barked in front of the fireplace. I gave him the search command again. And he started checking around the fireplace which led him underneath the step to his victim.

I going to start doing some more building work with him. I've got a couple barns and a hay barn that would work really well and come complete with distractions!

In knitting news, I got another package from Knit Picks today. This box contained yarn for two sample pairs of socks. Gonna sign off now, pop in a DVD and start in on a pair!

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