Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Ah! Fall

I love fall! At least when the weather is anything the the weather we're having this week! Today is clear, calm with temps in the high 60s to low 70s. Perfect.

As I was walking past a rack of college newspapers today a "Bike the Trails" blip caught my eye. I grabbed a paper and found that the Student Activity Center had bikes available! The college also has some great wooded trails. So after lunch I grabbed Kenzi and her harness and headed back to school. I signed a bike out and we were off! The trails were well groomed and the weather was perfect for riding. Kenzi ran nicely keeping the line taught and running along the trails. She got caught up in seeing squirrels and chipmunks on occasion, but did really well overall for the first outing. We've never gone biking in the woods before, only roads.

Looking at a map, I'm guessing we did three - four miles. A really nice distance, especially for the hilly, uneven terrain. I want to try it again tomorrow if I'm not too stiff... :D

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