Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dogs and college part 2

And a follow-up of yeaterday's post. Today the college is throwing their biannual campus bash - ie, a controlled party for college kids. They have music, food, huge inflatables, some sort of airsoft range set up by the Army, a firetruck, etc.

I heaed out to see if I'd like it. Umm, not really my thing (though I did take advatage of the free food and got a free t-shirt). But it did look like another awesome training opportunity!

After I wandered around for 15 minutes I headed back to the car and grabbed Kenzi. I stayed at the edge of the mayhem, away from the bulk of the people, but there was still plenty for her to take in. She did really well. She had great focus in short increments and was interested but not at all worried or too distracted about the nosie and commotion in the distance. After about 15 mintues I could tell that her brain was starting to fry so we left. I was happy with how things went!

I'm thinking that by the time the spring bash rolls around, that I'd like to have her to the point where she can walk in amongst the crowds with me. We'll see!

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