Thursday, September 1, 2011

Tell me Thursday

Five new questions from Crooks and Crazies this week!

1. What five things can't you live without?

Laptop Computer
Water bottle
Cell Phone

2. How do you transport your dogs?

The back of a 2003 Saturn Vue. I love this car - basic, no frills with really decent gas mileage! It's a good thing that Kipp is a compact Border Collie and fits in a small crate! I know it's a bit cluttered, but it's all dog related stuff crammed in around the crates...

3. What role does obedience play in your training or running of your dog(s)?

It's there, but I don't stress it too much. They need to have manners, they need to come when called, they need to pay attention, but other than that they need to think for themselves and work independently too. My end goal in training is a partnership with my dog

4. At what point do you start putting commands on your dogs?

Once they start getting the idea of what they're supposed to be doing. I try not to name the behavior until I can get predictable results. In reality this doesn't always happen, but that's what I aim for...

Of course Missy broke all the rules when it came to dog training theory so with her I'd just show her what I wanted, name the behavior and she'd do it. Consistently.

5. Do you talk to strangers in elevators?

Not really. I suppose I would if it were a long elevator ride, but other than that I'm kinda quite...


  1. I LOVE your crate setup. NICE! I wouldn't mind having some sort of shelfy thingie to set crates on, but then again I'm not sure it would work since I stack. Hmmmm. To think about this. :)

    Oh if you were on an elevator with me you would SO be talking. lol

  2. Thanks! The shelf is there out of necessity - the second crate had to be above the wheel well to fit. It's nice to have a place to slide stuff, but some things also get lost in that black hole...

    And I'm sure I'd talk with you on an elevator. I don't start conversations, but I join in pretty easily!