Friday, August 12, 2011

Simple things

Yup, those made my happy today!

First off, Kenzi grasped the whole concept of "tunnel" today. A bit of back story - Part of the SAR eval has the dog go through a tunnel to show that the dog takes directional cue and can confidently work in tight spaces/enter them on command.

But the problem with Border Collies is that they're smart and so sometimes I tend to skip over the teaching phase. Because, hey, tunnel is easy you point at it and the dog goes through, right? Except you don't take into account that everything else you've pointed at you've expected the dog to "hup" up onto. This is called handler error and as a result I had never really taught her what I meant by "tunnel".

So I finally borrowed a couple of collapsible kiddie tunnels from a friend and took time to show Kenzi what I really meant when I said "tunnel". Amazingly enough it worked!! Tonight I had a dog that was begging to run through the tunnel. Then she'd get her frisbee reward and run back through it - frisbee in her mouth. Silly dog.

Number two on my "simple things that made me happy today" list - My Knit Picks Options Knitting Needles arrived today. Yup, really. Knitting needles make me happy :-) I could finally justify ordering this set as I'm working on a new pattern (dog themed again :D) that requires at least 3 different sets of circular needles. I'm happy with it! I received the yarn for the above mentioned project last week and I LOVE the color! Can hardly wait until this current sock socks is finished so I can get going on the next idea!!

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