Thursday, August 4, 2011


Yeah. Those. It's been a week of adjustments. Mourning what is gone but also very grateful that it changed my life so much for the better. I haven't really cried too much in the past couple days but now the tears are coming as I write this.

I've stayed out and about a lot this week and that has helped. But I still half expect to hear the bark when one of the guys walk into the house. Still look for that nose to nudge my elbow at the table, still expect a my girl to follow me upstairs or come lay beside me whatever room I may be in.

I find myself talking to Kipp the same way I talked to Missy. He doesn't understand the way she did, but he tries. He cocks his head looking at me taking in the words, trying to figure it out.

I started riding my bike to the other barn at chore time. It's not that far and the back seat of the car was just too empty. I take Kenzi along. She's a bit wild and crazy but the run does her good. I'll tie her to the fence while I do chores. I want her to learn how to settle down and act sensible around the sheep so she's in a better frame of mind when I'm able to start training her to help with chores.

It's good to get out and do something with those two. Even though it's so different I'd be totally lost without a dog to do something with.

My locket came in the mail today. I'm not really a jewelry person, but last week I decided I wanted a locket to keep a lock of Missy's hair in. I have a bit that I trimmed from around her ear. Soft, silky and I loved to feel it as I'd rub behind her ears. The locket I got is silver with a black onyx heart on the front. I found it on ebay and it just seemed fitting for my black dog - simple, yet beautiful.

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