Saturday, August 20, 2011

Michigan Fiber Festival

Today was awesome – I spent it at the Michigan Fiber Festival (think wool, angora and mohair fiber, not all bran!) and met up with some great friends!

I've been attending this festival for about 15 years now! I can hardly believe it's been that long – I was a vendor at the first several and had a great time seeing people and forming friendships with other vendors. I quit the vendor side of things a few years ago as I became busier and busier with work each summer, but I still love catching up with those friends every year. And taking in the colorful, soft, luscious fiber goodness.

This year the day was cut a bit short by a huge storm that rolled through (and the fact that I, umm, slept in this morning) but I still got a chance to to check out most of the vendors and find a few goodies for myself. I was very good in the yarn department and got just one skein – it has fun, bright and colors and I'm thinking that I'll turn it into socks (what else?!) Since I've got enough yarn to last me for 4 years, plus all the stuff I dye, I managed to resist the rest of it, even though there was some really awesome stuff there...

I did get an awesome print done by Joan Arnold. I've admired her work for the past couple years and decided to treat myself to something this year. The picture I got has a Border Collie and sheep and is titled - Turn Around Ewe.

I also sampled some sheep's milk cheese made at Tirrell Centennial Farm - it was very good! I love to see the way local farms diversify and find a niche for themselves.

Then the storm clouds rolled in so I headed out to eat with friends that I met up with there - a really great way to continue the fun a bit longer when the rain cut our festival time short!

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