Saturday, May 28, 2011

Thinking like a dog person

I got to my college campus last week and realized they had begun a construction project - with big heavy equipment that makes weird noises. I imagine that the average person sees something like this, goes "oh" and continues on their way. But the average person doesn't have 3 dogs in the back of their car. I saw it and thought "great! new distractions to train around!" and preceded to get Kenzi out to do a short, upbeat obedience session with her.

But it isn't just construction equipment that catches my eye, I'm also on the lookout for anything weird that I can get her to climb on. She loves climbing and one of the training requirements for my SAR team is that the dog can confidently maneuver SAR style agility equipment. So she gets to climb over bulk boxes, stacks of pallets, wood piles, saw horses and other random objects. She loves it.

Switching gears to kniting - after I sent my latest samples off to Knit Picks 2 weeks ago, I was kind of at a loss as t what to knit next. So I worked on more pattern proposals. Three of them. And sent them all in to Knit Picks. They accepted all three - hooray!!! I should get the yarn in the mail by the end of next week then I'll start knitting away on these new sock samples. I can't wait - this is so much fun!!

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