Sunday, May 15, 2011

Fiber Fiesta

Had a great day at the Michigan Fiber Fiesta yesterday. Saw friends from last year and met some wonderful new people. It was so nice and cheery with all the bright yarn, fluffy fiber and smiling faces inside the Klackle Orchards pavilion! A whole different world from the gray, rainy one outside. I forgot to take a picture of my booth so I don't have on to post :-( I worked on my Woof! socks in between visiting with customers and they should be finished and ready to send to Knit Picks by Tuesday!!

The dogs were chomping at the bit to do something after I got home last night. My dear brother had taken them out for a couple walks during the day, but they were ready for some quality exercise by evening. Some days it would be nice if they got tired because I did... :D A good game of chuck-it ball took the edge off their energy. This afternoon I'll take them out for some training time.

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  1. I love your blog, and gave you an award! Stop by my blog and accept it! :)