Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New toys and focus work

Those are a couple things that we have been up to lately. I’m working on developing a new dog toy - from felted wool! The idea was born last year when a batch of roving I was dyeing felted just a bit in the dye pots. Felted roving is pretty much worthless for spinning but I wanted to do something with it! So I braided it up, threw the braid in the washing machine and presto! A dog tug!

This spring I started working on refining the idea and sent out toys to testers. I have my first batch for sale made up and will have them in an Etsy store soon!!

And on to focus. Some Border Collies come with natural solid focus. Some Border Collies need it shaped. And shaping it is work - real work that takes real planning! Actually all training does, but it’s easy to fall into the complacency trap especially with school finals to prep for… So the past couple I’ve been working with Kenzi close to all the natural distractions around here (cats, chickens, field with interesting smells) and it’s paying off - like all training does! Even the cackling chickens only momentarily grabbed her attention last night as we walked right past the open chicken door. It’s good to see progress like that!

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