Monday, May 30, 2011

Border Collies and Prey Drive

I was amazed/amused recently when heard of someone saying that a Border Collie's prey drive was a con to the breed. Umm, isn't that what the breed is all about? Herding ability is refined/carefully bred prey drive in action. When you get a Border Collie prey drive is part of the package deal. If you're not prepared to handler it, you should consider a different breed.

Border Collies are first and foremost high energy working dogs. They were bred to work day in and day out in rough hill country as the shepherds right hand in managing the flock covering many miles a day in the process. While they can make wonderful companions for active individuals they need structure, they need training, they need an outlet for their physical and mental energy and they need an owner who will realize that prey drive is part of the package and will manage and train accordingly.

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