Monday, May 23, 2011

Border Collies and Bikjoring

I was going to try out Skijoring with Kenzi during the winter. She loves to pull and we get plenty of snow. But I ordered her a harness in the beginning of January and didn’t get it until the third week of February - on the first day we had no snow left on the ground. Sigh. So much for Skijoring. But I still have the harness and I still have the dog and that dog could still use some more exercise. Enter Bikjoring. The same principle as Skijoring except that the human end of the equation use a bike instead of a pair of skis. I have a sneaking suspicion that the reasoning behind this might be that the two modes of transportation can be equally as dangerous for the human when attached to high energy dog.

Tonight I took Kenzi out for her first jog along side the bike. She did well and we practiced slowing down a few time and keeping her focus on running instead of all the other things along the way. The mile long jog/sprint was just a nice stretch of the legs for her so I think we may have a winner. I am very sure that how ever it ends up it will probably be a crazy adventure because, well, Kenzi is involved!

On the knitting front, since I finished up both patterns and samples I was work on and sent them away to Knit Picks, I’ve been a bit bored with no pattern knitting to do. So in the past week I’ve submitted three new pattern proposals to them. So now the waiting game begins anew - will they like any of them? Which ones? Any chance that they’ll like all of them? Stay tuned…

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