Friday, February 24, 2012

Cold weather = Lambs!!

Never fails. Really!

We have had an incredibly mild winter this year. Moderate temps (for MI that means high 30s to low 40s) and very little snow. It's been kinda weird. But then yesterday I got a text alert saying that the area was under a winter storm warning. Half an hour later I got a call from my brother "hey, Domino had twins". Of course! The one winter storm for the whole month of February coincides with the birth of a surprise set of twin lambs.

This happens almost every. single. year. We can have a great stretch of weather, then it turns seasonably (or unseasonably) cold and nasty and Voila!! Lambs are born.

I'm hoping that this is the only set for now. Our ewes lambed late last year so I was a bit lax in penning up the ram. But Domino had lost her lamb in a freak accident so she was, umm, ready again before the other were. I guess we'll see. On the bright side, the temperature is still hovering around 30 so the new babies will be able to handle it just fine.

And now for a couple pictures (because there is honestly nothing cuter than a lamb...)

Love the ears on theses two - they're courtesy of the Blue Faced Leicester ram :-) . And really, really love the calico coloring on the one baby

See all that snow in the background? that is the most snow that the barnyard has seen all winter!!

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