Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Feeling right

I'm more of an artistic person than a technical one. I love something that you can feel when it's right. Maybe that's part of my issues with math. It's black and white and you either have it right or you don't. One number is off and the the answer is just wrong. You write a paper and get one work wrong and you're sill okay.

I think the whole "feel right" thing is also one of the things I like so well about stock work. I can feel it when it's right and my dog can feel it when it's right. It's just natural. And then we both can respond accordingly.

I had Kipp out a couple times on Saturday. The first time it was only okay. He was a bit too wound up at first and the sheep felt it.

Then I took him out a second time. After running him with Kenzi and Logan for 20 minutes. His sharp edge was a bit worn down, he was working nice and it just felt right. The sheep were under control and he was adjusting his speed to the what the sheep needed. I was most impressed by that I think. I mean 3 months ago if the sheep wasn't moving, he'd try to plow right in and grab on tight. Saturday it was like he figure out "hey, I don't have to be in their face or gripping to make them move!" and lo and behold he adjusted accordingly.

I love to watch him actually think, figure it out and respond properly. And I love that it feels so right to me when things are going right.

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