Thursday, March 8, 2012

I can do random!

For TMT Laura has posted
So rather than Q&A this week I'd like to know whatever random tidbits you might have on your mind today

Yes! I can do random

- I'm on spring break this week but spring break week is turning out to be a "get everything done that you haven't had time to do all winter". Oh well.

- But I did get to go skiing for a day! An absolutely gorgeous day in Cadillac (Michigan!) Went with two of my brothers and we had a great time

-I also forgot to wear sunscreen and when I came back from my day in the snow my face looked like I had spent a day at the beach

-It was in the mid 60 here for 2 days and felt kinda like Florida.

-Kenzi recalled off of a group of deer. She scared some up yesterday and I didn't catch her until she was a third of a mile away (that dog moves FAST) I yelled at her then started running toward my car figuring that I'd need to pick her up on the other side of the neighbors field. The wind was blowing in the wrong direction and I figured that she'd never hear me. But low and behold she paused, then turned around and came back. I told her that she was a VERY.GOOD.DOG.

-In knitting randomness I sent in a new proposal to Knit Picks on Monday. I'm currently working on yet another.

And last but not least, I had tow more pattern go up on Knit Picks today - Candy Hearts Socks and the Sweet On You hat! :D


  1. Hey Maralynn,
    I love your patterns! Too bad I'm not a gifted knitter. Okay, so it would be more accurate to say I'm barely a knitter at all, lol!

  2. Way to go Kenzi!! Very, Very good dog!!

  3. Thanks Julie! I'm really having lots of fun with those :-)