Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday randomness

I missed TMT yesterday. I was busy with work and school. And I was tired so I'm not even sure that my answers would have been coherent.

I was awoken this morning by a great gray beast yowling in my window. Apparently no one was available to let Pepper into the house when he was ready and in typical cat fashion he got tired of waiting. So he climbed up the outside of the breezeway, onto the roof and into my open window. But the screen was in his way so he yowled. I let him in hoping that Kipp would annoy him. Kipp has an incessant predatory stare that the cats find a bit unnerving. A few years ago the mere mention of "cat" and he'd have only one thing in mind - find and stalk the cat. But no such luck this moring. Kipp has learned the "leave cats alone" lesson well and only stared at Pepper for a minute before heading back to curl up on his bed. Sigh.

I should get off my computer and get back to work packing apples. Because when I'm done I get to head home, work with the dogs, and knit - just started another Knit Picks sample last night!

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