Thursday, January 31, 2013

Cooperative Press

 Guest blogging by Kipp -

 I'm a working sheep dog around the farm and I'm also a certified wilderness Search and Rescue dog.  I love my work!! But I'm always looking to expand my horizons and have gotten a few cameo roles as a model for my person!

 Here I am with the Puppy Trails Tote (my person designed the pattern)

And I'm also the face of Woolie Dog Toys

I like posing, I'm good at it and I get lots of food when I pose!! I love food... So I was immediately interested when I heard that my person got a book called "Market Yourself" , published by Cooperative Press. I know how to look cute, but I know there's more to it than just lookin' good.  And the book has really good info that helps  creative people channel their creativity into a business.  It has great chapters on getting your message out there, finding the right people, and tips for marketing your product both online and offline.
I found the book fascinating and I know my person picked up LOTS of good ideas to grow her pattern business and Woolie Dog toys of course!

I know she'd LOVE to have that iPad mini with all the Cooperative Press books on it. I'd love it too because she'd probably get more great ideas for those dog themed patterns that I could model!

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