Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Honest Kitchen

 A few weeks ago I replied to a call out from The Honest Kitchen. They were looking for bloggers to review their foods.  They sent me samples of Thrive and Love for the dogs to test and me to review here.

Initial impressions - a quality food, with human grade ingredients. Something that is highly appealing when pet food recalls are prevalent. And NO ingredients from China.  Pretty impressive.

Thrive and Love are both foods geared towards active dogs (like Border Collies!) Love is grain free and Thrive is gluten free, though it does have quinoa. It's dehydrated and needs to rehydrated 1/1-1.5 with water before serving. The box recommends 5 minutes, but I let it sit for about 30.

I mixed it in with their regular Victor brand kibble. Fresh soup!!

The dogs enjoyed the food and ate with their usual gusto :-)

So, bottom line - seems like a great food with great human grade ingredients. Dogs enjoyed it (I won't tell you what they also enjoy :p). But can't quite recommend it based on just the samples we tried as I like to see how my dogs do after a few weeks/months on a food before recommending it.

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