Tuesday, January 22, 2013


That fleece lined hat I just finished? It's really, really nice now that the temperature is in the single digits with a below zero windchill! it is super warm and seems perfect for this type of weather.

 "This type of weather" has also included lake effect snow. That has produced white out conditions at times in the last few days.  Winter has returned with a vengeance.

 But that means I've got snow for dog sledding! I've always wanted to dog sled. Keeping a team of huskies is kind of out of the question for now, But Kenzi likes to pull! Sure, I'll never be able to ride on a sled behind her (unless I get a couple more dogs to join her in harness) but she could be able to give the nieces and nephews rides!

  So I took the dogs out today and harnessed them up for some practice.

 This picture clearly communicates Kipp's thoughts on the whole sled dog thing

Kenzi, however, thought it was a simply marvelous idea! 

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  1. Try it on a hill with the dogs. My older doodle will run down the hill and we are pulled along on the sled. Haven't had a good enough snow fall to try it with the younger doodle. But I am sure he would be just as game.