Monday, April 2, 2012

Brains over Brawn

Or, Why Kipp is smarter than Kenzi.

Kipp is the bottom of the totem pole dog here. Always has been. With Missy he understood that she was The Boss. Period. When Kenzi came, she also understood that Missy was The Boss but also figured out that she could still boss Kipp around. .Kipp is fine with that and has no aspirations of climbing higher. If Kenzi is happy, life is good. I think he finds security in absolutely knowing where his spot in life is, even if that means that Kenzi may steal his bone every once and a while...

Kipp likes his food. Really likes his food. Get a handful of kibble and I have his undivided attention. But he has zero food aggression with people or dogs (often this is far from the case with dogs that are highly food motivated)

Tonight I put a plate down for the dogs to lick off. They went to work at it and I started to hear a rumble coming out of Kenzi's throat. But before I could step in and remove the plate, Kipp ever so carefully grabbed the edge of the plate and just dragged it away. Kenzi went back over and stuck her nose back in but again Kipp just grabbed the edge and moved away with it. Then he laid down almost on top of the plate.

Kenzi gave up.

I love watching his brain work.

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