Thursday, July 14, 2011

My dogs ate better than I did today...

That was the thought running through my head this morning when I gave Missy a raw rib eye steak to eat – and it was organic to boot. Earlier I had grabbed a fast food breakfast sandwich on my way to class and here she was happily chewing down a nice cut of premium meat! But raw meat and along with a few soft raw bones is what she'll eat these days so that's what she gets. I'm just glad that she's still around and happily eating!

Now to the question you're definitely asking if you've notice the price of a steak these days- Did I actually go out and buy a rib eye steak for my dog? the answer is yes and no. A local farm sells “seconds” meat for pets at a greatly reduced price – it ends up being cheaper buying their pet meat than grocery store hamburger, and much cheaper than any premium canned dog food. I'm strongly tempted to cook some of it for myself. I have a sneaking suspicion that their seconds are better than grocery store meats....

In case you're wondering about the other two, Kenzi had to settle for raw chicken and turkey today and Kipp had to suffer with premium kibble and canned food that Missy had turned her nose up at. They live a very tough life.

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