Monday, June 27, 2011

They make me laugh

Took K & K out for the evening jog along side of the bike - it really is an awesome way to exercise them! When we got back I told them to "stay" on the driveway while I put the bike in the barn. They each held their stay very nicely - and each in a way that was uniquely them....

Kipp was standing when I said stay, and he stood in that position the entire time. Kenzi stayed in the spot I left her, but tried out a dozen different positions. after I got back to them I pulled out my cell phone and started taking pictures... The pictures are low quality but hilarious (IMO at least!) so I'm posting them -

Kipp - just stands there because he was told to "stay"

Kenzi - "you're back!! Yay! Please, please, please can I get up now?!?!?"

Kipp - continues to stand there because "stay" means "stay"

Kenzi - "I'm still right where you left me, but can I pleeeeeease have a belly rub?? Pretty, pretty pleeeeeeease???"

Kipp - still standing there (because "stay" still means "stay") but now thinking "What in the world is that crazy dog doing?!?"

Kenzi - Still has her butt in the right spot, but has figured that since the appeals to the person haven't worked, she'd try to check out the surroundings - no big deal if Kipp was in the way, she'd fit underneath and try to get a better whiff of what was in the woodpile over there...

Goofy dogs!!

Switching gears a bit. My Missy girl is still doing okay. She is slowing down and tires easily, but still has her BC spark and trots out to the car and can jump in at the mention of "sheep".

When we got to the barn tonight I saw that one new mom and baby were missing. Of course right away I'm thinking "oh no, what happened??" But it turned out that the ewe had just decided to stay out in the pasture with her baby.

Not her brightest idea and I wasn't coming back later to put her in when she felt like it. So Miss and I trekked up to where the ewe was. But she wasn't budging. Kind of weird because usually the one lone sheep will high tail it to the barn. But she had her baby and still wanted to grab something to eat. I finally grabbed the lamb (who protested greatly) and took him back to the barn so mom would follow - which she did. Miss followed her from behind and seemed quite happy about having a job to do. At least the silly sheep made my dog happy tonight!!


  1. And this post made me laugh! Such beautiful dogs - I love Border Collies but don't have the time or energy to have one (and what would one do here anyway, herd the chickens? lol)!

  2. Thanks :-)

    Just what would one do? Keep the kids in one room while they do chores or school work, go find the kids when they try to sneak off and watch tv on tech free Tuesdays, etc..... :D

    But yeah, you're right - The breed is a bit high maintenance!