Thursday, June 16, 2011

This little cutie made her appearance yesterday and was out in the pasture with mom and the rest of the sheep today. In my opinion, newborn lambs are one of the cutest creatures out there. After lambing out numerous times in December - March, I'm really loving this June lambing right now. The weather is soooo much more conducive to outdoor babies!

Missy continues to do pretty well and I'm so happy for each good day I get with her right now. She was actually antsy tonight - like she's always gotten when she is bored and needs something to do. I told her we were going to the barn to see the "baby sheeper" and she made a beeline for the car. She is fascinated by lambs. She lays there and stares at them, but then if a curious lamb comes and tries to play with her, she'll awkwardly try to play along.

In other news - two more of my patterns went up on Knit Picks today! Diamond Twist Socks and my new favorite pattern Woof! Socks - Dogs themed socks - the perfect project for a dog loving sock knitter (like me!!)

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