Thursday, January 31, 2013

Cooperative Press

 Guest blogging by Kipp -

 I'm a working sheep dog around the farm and I'm also a certified wilderness Search and Rescue dog.  I love my work!! But I'm always looking to expand my horizons and have gotten a few cameo roles as a model for my person!

 Here I am with the Puppy Trails Tote (my person designed the pattern)

And I'm also the face of Woolie Dog Toys

I like posing, I'm good at it and I get lots of food when I pose!! I love food... So I was immediately interested when I heard that my person got a book called "Market Yourself" , published by Cooperative Press. I know how to look cute, but I know there's more to it than just lookin' good.  And the book has really good info that helps  creative people channel their creativity into a business.  It has great chapters on getting your message out there, finding the right people, and tips for marketing your product both online and offline.
I found the book fascinating and I know my person picked up LOTS of good ideas to grow her pattern business and Woolie Dog toys of course!

I know she'd LOVE to have that iPad mini with all the Cooperative Press books on it. I'd love it too because she'd probably get more great ideas for those dog themed patterns that I could model!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


That fleece lined hat I just finished? It's really, really nice now that the temperature is in the single digits with a below zero windchill! it is super warm and seems perfect for this type of weather.

 "This type of weather" has also included lake effect snow. That has produced white out conditions at times in the last few days.  Winter has returned with a vengeance.

 But that means I've got snow for dog sledding! I've always wanted to dog sled. Keeping a team of huskies is kind of out of the question for now, But Kenzi likes to pull! Sure, I'll never be able to ride on a sled behind her (unless I get a couple more dogs to join her in harness) but she could be able to give the nieces and nephews rides!

  So I took the dogs out today and harnessed them up for some practice.

 This picture clearly communicates Kipp's thoughts on the whole sled dog thing

Kenzi, however, thought it was a simply marvelous idea! 

Saturday, January 19, 2013

A frigid weather hat - and random dog pictures

 With no snow. Very weird for Michigan this time of year. It was in the low 40s today again and still no snow. We had a bit of the white stuff right after Christmas but it has long since melted.

 But the mild weather is supposed to change starting tonight - tomorrow is supposed to bring temps in the teens and twenties and lake effect snow. By Tuesday we're supposed to have highs in the low teens - Brrrr!

 In light of the weather forecast, I decided to begin a new hat last week. A WARM hat. I wanted one that would quite snug around my ears much like my headbands. So I started out with a cable strip. Using a provisional cast on, I CO 32 sts and worked the cable pattern over the center 24. It was about 4.5" wide and I worked it until 22" long. I then picked up the sts from the beginning and sewed the together using the kitchener stitch. At this stage I essentially had an headband. I then picked up 84 sts around the top of the band and worked a k3, p1 rib for about 4" I then decreased over the course of 6 rnds and ran the ends in. 

With a normal hat, it would be all set to go at this point. But I wanted super warm frigid weather hat! So the next step was to cut a piece of polar fleece to line the inside. I sized it the same as the cable band and sewed the end together to form a band. I then folded the edge of the hat brim around the the fleece band and sewed it in place. It gave me a nice finished edge. I got a little lazy with the top and just whip stitched it in place.

 I wore the hat this afternoon and I think it's just what I was looking for! The cable band backed with fleece is thick and cushy. It also fits snug to my head and comes a little lower on my head than most hats, fully covering my ears.  It ended up being too warm for the 40 degree afternoon, but that's fine because I want it to be warm and snug for a gusty 10 degree day!

And because the morning was so gorgeous, I took the camera along when I took the dogs out to play frisbee
"Would you just throw it already?"

"I have both of them - HA!"

"If I stare long enough..."

"So glad this toy comes with such a handy window"

Happy dogs :-)

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

No dogs on the bed! (yeah, right...)

 I don't really do the whole dog on the bed thing. I like my bed. I like to stretch out and relax without random bumps in the way.

 So I've provided them with nice, comfy beds of their own - Memory foam, fleece and the like. They're so nice I'd like to sleep on their beds sometimes.

But in November I was gone for a week and my sister dog sat for me. She's great with them - they can stay home, they get plenty of exercise and everyone stays happy. It's perfect. Except for the fact that she lets the dogs on the bed. I think they know a sucker when they see one.

Ever since I've gotten back, instead of going over and curling up on his own bed at night, Kipp comes and stares at me, asking to be let up on my bed.

If I leave the room, he's started to take advantage of the situation. I'll come back to this -

Not only is he on the bed, but he refuses to look at me because hey, if I don't see him, I can't tell him to get off the bed. And more often than not, I don't have the heart to tell him to get off. Guess I'm a sucker too...