Thursday, July 5, 2012

It's hot out there!!

It's HOT here. Really hot. I'm not a summer person. I would prefer that the temps didn't go above 75-80 all summer. But I usually deal with the occasional hot days without complaint. But already this summer we've now had 2 weeks of days where the temps bordered on 100 degrees. And it's not cooling off much at night. Last night it was still 92 degrees at 8 pm. And July just got started - eek! It's super dry too as we haven't had a good rain in 3-4 weeks and everything is very dry.

The dogs are getting frisbee games in the river to keep them exercised and sane during the day without overheating. The river is quite low right now due to the lack of rain and everyone irrigating crops from it, but at least there's enough water for the dogs to play in.

I've done very little knitting the past couple of weeks. Between the heat and the homework I've slacked off just a bit. But I've got some more ideas and I'm itching to get something back on the needles.

Here is one of my latest projects, the "Color, Squared" tote. The pattern should be up within the next couple weeks at Knit Picks. I used Chroma Worsted and it was a really fun but simple knit. I'm thinking about making some up for Christmas gifts.

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  1. It's been very hot here in BC but finally nice and cool again these past couple of days. Big sigh of relief.

    That tote is so pretty!