Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Late this afternoon I was thinking of the the things I should be getting done today. Then I stopped and though of all the things I had already accomplished for the day. That made me feel a bit better.

Two classes this morning - turned in a final paper at one and final test prep at another. Unloaded and stacked a trailer full of wood this afternoon. Put supper in the crock pot. Spent 1.5 hours training/exercising the dogs. Cleaned the kitchen. Worked on patterns. Answered a forum question for my hybrid class.

I guess I was pretty productive today.

And then I dyed up some Woolie Dog tugs :-) I was dyeing the wool then making and felting the tugs. But un-felted wool is very lofty and takes up A LOT more room in the dye pan. So I now I'm felting them first, then dyeing. It kind of gives the tugs a tie-dye effect. I like it!

Tug toys in the dye pot freshly dyed -

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