Sunday, March 27, 2011

the craziness of life

The whole "ten hours of classes while working part time with three Border Collies and oh yeah writing knitting patterns" thing is keeping me busy. Really busy. So the blog seems to be the first thing to fall by the wayside... I'm not getting graded on it, it doesn't need attention and training and the whole pattern thing does generate a little income, too.

But anyways. It's been cold here. Almost the beginning of April and we've had all of two days in that got out of the 40's. Sigh. At least we've had some clear sunshine even though it's still cold. I'm getting Kenzi out and focusing on focus. She's making baby steps. We're currently working on directional send outs. She's got the basic concept down, now just need to focus on specifics.

I worked short searches with both Kipp and Kenzi tonight. Kipp has started to dink around just a bit while he's supposed to be searching. So a couple times now, I've put him up as soon as he starts thinking about something besides searching then got Kenzi out and worked her. I love sibling rivalry. Tonight I sent him out and he was hot!! Searched great, went in fast and started barking as he skidded to a stop. Just what I want!

My Missy girl had a birthday last Monday - she turned 12!! Oh my! She still hides her age pretty well in between those longer naps. She still loves her sheep chores and loves her ball. It makes me smile to watch her enjoy life!

On the knitting front I'm working on two more patterns for Knit Picks - whew! I like the challenge, but I'm ready to knit something without thinking about writing down the pattern when I'm done with the current pair of socks!

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