Sunday, December 5, 2010

Oh the weather outside is frightful...

Well, it's not too bad yet. Temps are just below freezing with a winter wind and some snow. I read about other people's dogs that greatly dislike the cold, barely even wanting to set foot outside. Mine, on the other hand, act if their batteries have just been recharged. SNOW! SNOW! SNOW!

Missy sprints like a youngster, Kipp flops on the ground to roll and tunnel in the white stuff, Kenzi, who is still skinny as a rail, plays and chases as crazy as ever. They love the white stuff, they love the cold weather. I'm sure they wonder why it takes me forever to get all bundled up to go out - they're ready now!! Crazy pups...

I'm trying to figure out new random behaviors to teach them. I'd like to get Kenzi walking a tightrope of sorts. I think it's possible. She's pretty sure footed and will try just about anything. Last night I told her hup onto a row of pallets. She had 8 feet of 3/4 inch wide boards with 3-4 inch spaces between to walk across and did so relaxed with a wagging tail. I think the little wild child likes the challenge.

Sadly my knitting has been neglected the past several days due to something called finals papers. But this will change shortly as the papers are all due on Tuesday. Hooray for the end of another semester!!

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