Thursday, November 11, 2010


So who am I? An avid knitter and dog lover. I started knitting when I was 6 years old and read my first "real" book at the same age - Black Beauty. I was one of the millions of little girls who fell in love with horses. Sigh. I'm still waiting for that horse because, as my dad often pointed out, horses are a lot of work and cost a lot of money.

At about 10 I started reading Lassie and Terhune's Lad books. I wanted a dog like that. So when my family got sheep a few years later, I naturally fell in love with the Border Collie breed. But dogs were expensive, too and took a lot of responsibility. So I had to wait... In the mean time I got going in knitting a little more seriously and learned how to spin my own yarn from our flock of sheep.

Finally after high school and a couple of years of volunteering and work, I got my first Border Collie. And lo and behold, Missy was everything I'd hoped and dreamed of. My dog, my constant shadow, my best friend. I loved that dog from day 1 and at 11 y/o she is still my girl.

When dog #2 came along 5 years later I decided to try out another long time interest of mine - K-9 search and rescue. Kipp is a wilderness search dog and my goofy rascal.

And because I'm a sucker who used (please note - used) to look through Petfinder, I have dog #3. Sweet, loving, drivey teenage BC Kenzi. I fell in love with her face late one night and through a month long series of events she became mine. She is currently in training for SAR work.

I spend most of my spare time either working with my dogs or knitting. I do a bit of dyeing and sell imy hand dyed yarns through my Etsy shop Reflections Yarn . I am an avid sock knitter - I figure I've made over 60 pairs since I started knitting them 12 years ago. This year I've averaged a pair a month. I love knitting them and really love wearing them. Thankfully Kenzi is now past the eating them stage.

So that's kind of my life in a nutshell. This blog will mainly consist of ramblings of my dogs or my knitting but might on occassion stray to another subject.

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