Monday, July 22, 2013

Monday Musings

Current projects -

Still working on the Central Park Hoodie. Loving this project. I have both front sections and the back completed. Currently have the first sleeve on the needles. And no, I'm not THAT skinny. Blocking will add a few inches to the width!

I'd probably be just about done with the CPH. But I had a bad case of startitis. I've been kicking around the yarn for a couple years now (a discontinued yarn from Hobby Lobby called Mosaic)  and really wanted a blanket out of it. I'd started once, but I was knitting it and it quickly got pretty heavy on the circular needle. So I decided to crochet a blanket instead. It's super basic, since that is the extent of my crochet skills, but  I'm happy with it so far. Just not quite sure what possessed me to start it last week during the hottest week on the year...

Kipp is getting better! He just favors his leg slightly part of the time. He is super bored and brought me a frisbee today. Oops. Forgot to put that away after playing with Kenz yesterday... I did some trick training with him. He was ridiculously happy to be doing something and to be getting bits of grilled hot dog for a reward.

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