Monday, June 24, 2013


Summer is here!! Anyone south of Michigan would laugh when I talk about it being so.very. hot when it is only in the low 80s. But it's hot for us! The dogs are not used to it, I'm not used to it. I'd actually be perfectly happy if it never got above 80 all summer. But I digress...

Today I found the floating toys and took the dogs down to the river to play. They got to the edge of the river LONG before I did (well, it was probably only 45 seconds, but I'm sure it seemed like forever to them) and started impatiently barking at me to get down there and start throwing toys.

They both jumped right in after the toys I threw (today I had a Chuckit Zipflight and Dogsavers Retriever) Kenzi grabbed hers and jumped right back up the bank so I could throw it again. Kipp grabbed his and got stuck at the edge of the river. The bank had washed away quite a bit due to heavy spring rains and poor Kipp just couldn't quite make the leap at first. But he's not the type to give easily and was finally able to deposit the toy at my feet. It's so funny watching him because he not naturally a water dog. Where Kenzi is smooth, agile and fast in the water, Kipp is just competitive and determined. He is a dog on a mission and his tenacity more than makes up for his lack of natural skills.

Switching gears to the knitting front - this summer's project is the Central Park Hoodie (psst - the pattern is on sale right now at Interweave for $3.85!) The yarn I'm using in Aracaunia Toconao in pink multi color way. I modified the cables a bit to add some interest to the knitting and finished sweater. Loving the pattern and the way this sweater is turning out!

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