Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year!! There is still unusual absence of snow for this time of year. In fact we had temps near 50 for New Year's Eve. Weird.

But with the lack of snow we have continued to be able to play with the.best.dog.toy.ever - Chuck-it ball!! For years I just threw the ball - I had an arm, why buy something else to throw the ball? Then I got one. Now I have three. And a good supply of Ultra Balls (AKA BC proof balls). I can throw the ball super long for my youngster and close in for my older gal. And no wet balls to pick up!! It's probably the one dog toy I'd never be without now. And, oh yeah, the dogs love it too!

So here's a gratuitous picture from last year (when we actually had a touch of snow on the ground) As you can see, Kenzi likes to collect those Ultra Balls...

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